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Monday, 20 February 2006
Zamnaá is a group of people specialized in the production of professional Audio for radio and television in Indicative, Radio jingles, Advertising Wedges, Locution as well as specialized voices according to the needs of our clients. As well as a special Audio News service for all Latin America generated from the most cosmopolitan places in the world.News service. Meanwhile, we will suggest you to visit site officiel de lariviera casino which will give you more information about how to spend your time.

We generate and carry out any kind of Production. In addition to having the qualified personnel to catch the attention of the public to whom the message is directed, creating it even from its very conception, avoiding the client to deal with the permissions and licenses management with the rights of exploitation of Music and Audio Libraries that we process, as well as search for Locutores to your liking without having to search hundreds of agencies throughout Latin America for casinojokaclub.info/fr.

In ZAMNAÁ we have a catalog of voices available to the customer and taste, taking care of everything, to give a greater projection to their callsigns, in a personalized way with the name of the station, program or frequency in question so requires, including a extensive musical repertoire that counts on the necessary in duration and time in addition to all the musical styles for its production either radio or callsigns.

The latter as its name indicates are to accentuate the people who listen, or which program will initiate as well as to reaffirm the people who broadcast or listen space and thereby create a greater identification of listening with the sender of the message.

For the production of radio calls we use a wide musical repertoire that covers all durations and styles.

We have production studies and the best editing systems for your productions.

Zamnaá is in charge of delivering all professional realization for radio and television or audiovisual delivering the material to your liking either one or several files are Wav or mp3 with the highest quality standards Delivery of Productions. We have had so many testimonies from our customers and listeners and that gives us the courage of providing excellent service.  Most of our staff in order to spend their free time, visit casino en ligne

Because time is a factor that we always have to overcome, we have the download service from any city in the world with which we have sent much of the material to places as far away as Chile, Spain, the American Union and the interior of the republic to cities like Monterrey Nuevo Leon, Veracruz, Chiapas, Tabasco, Sonora, among others without the size of the archives is an impediment, visit casino en ligne gratuit.

For further information contact us.

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